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PT BANGUN INTERKONEKSI NAMBAS (“PT BINA”) is a joint-venture of Sacofa Sdn Bhd and PT Teleanjar Sukses Makmur.

Sacofa Sdn Bhd (“Sacofa”) is a company owned by the State Government of Sarawak engaged in the provision of fiber optic backbone networks between Malaysia west and east malaysia and also international internet gateway network.

PT Teleanjar Sukses Makmur is a local private company engaged in the field of consultants and telecommunication contractors deploying optical fiber in particular terestrial.

PT BINA established as a telecommunications company that will manage fiber optic networks belonging Sacofa in order to serve the interests of their own group as well as to utilize the remaining capacity to be commercialized as a national telecommunications backbone networks in Indonesia and internationally.

PT BINA supported by experienced professionals in the field of fiber optic telecommunications networks, Internet and Radio Frequency and have access to other sources of funding.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

provides a range of data connectivity service packages for telecommunications providers with large capacity and Carrier-class standards for the global market. Our service is designed to support business continuity for telecommunication providers, GSM Operator, Network Access Provider (NAP) or Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Global Internet

A large-capacity of global interconnection internet service with Full Route BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) feature is using IP and US blocks (Autonomous System customers) .We work with domestic and overseas partners to deliver better IP networks quality, and add value through IX with competitive price proportional to the quality.

Business Solution

Business solution services is provided by pgascom services, such as developing the application development and information systems that can be accessed from mobile devices, video conferencing and remote monitoring services via cctv devices.

Managed Services

BINA managed services is designed to help the corporate customers by manage and operate the company connectivity. We provide the telecommunication tools, operation and monitoring system with our 24/7 helpdesk.


Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Ernest Rares

President Director

Vesmawati Jaffar

Finance Director

Mohamed Zaid Zaini

President Commisionner

Fathan K Sutrisno



Our Aim

We are trying to bring better connectivity for the nation

Our Purposes

As stated in the certificate of incorporation and the policy of Sacofa which is the parent company of PT BINA, where the main purpose of the establishment of a subsidiary called PT BINA is to carry out the management of fiber optic networks, and provide telecommunication for internal needs Sacofa and utilize excess capacity to users commercially.

In order to achieve the above mentioned company, the company will refer to the vision and mission of the company, in accordance with the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly expanding. The company will also conduct their business profitable, efficient and able to provide added value for shareholders and society at large.


Business Activities

PT BINA is a telecommunications infrastructure company that provides telecommunications services for its own purposes and telecommunications industries, as well as get the added value of its business for the benefit of its stakeholders.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

PT BINA is a telecommunications infrastructure company that provides Fiber Optic Network for Backbone and Backhole

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Graha Mustika Ratu Lt 6, Jalan Gatot Subroto Kav 74-75, Jakarta 12870 Indonesia

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